Miracle 4 Melanie

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About Us


The mission of Miracle 4 Melanie, Inc. is to honor our injured service men and women, wounded during OEF, OIF, and OND, by providing them with supplemental resources to aid in their day-to-day recovery and improve their daily morale. By encouraging community involvement from local residents, the Foundation aims to bring awareness to the personal struggles of these heroes and show respect and appreciation for their service. Miracle 4 Melanie, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity organization.

Our Story

Founded to support the injured service men and women throughout the country, Miracle 4 Melanie, Inc. continues the legacy of an influential woman who dedicated her efforts to helping these soldiers face the myriad of challenges associated with their transitions to life after injury.

In 2006, Melanie Darvin Strudler began volunteering through the American Red Cross at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC), spending her time in its Military Advanced Training Center (MATC). She would spend numerous days there each week assisting the physical therapists who were working with the injured service men and women. Melanie looked to ease the difficulty of rehabilitation by providing small tokens of her appreciation and respect for these honorable men and women. Spending time volunteering with these heroes always put a smile on her face and she radiated with joy when she spoke about these young men and women.

When Melanie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2010, she remained steadfast in her dedication to these young soldiers. During her almost 20-month battle with cancer, she often told friends and family that what she was going through was nothing compared to the sacrifices these service men and women were making everyday. She focused her efforts on making them feel like the heroes that they are, and made sure the community recognized them as such. Despite her own struggles, Melanie continued volunteering at Walter Reed throughout her battle with cancer.

Melanie succumbed to her illness Memorial Day weekend of 2012. As her family and friends rallied around her in those final moments, she implored them to protect the integrity of the holiday, ensuring that they would still honor the men and women who have served as well as those who will continue to do so.

And thus Miracle 4 Melanie, Inc. was born—a foundation to support the service men and women returning from overseas, facing life-altering injuries. Although they will not be able to meet Melanie, their lives will be enriched by the vision of an amazing woman who dedicated her life to our nation’s heroes.