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Family Warrior Weekend

The Family Warrior Weekend, hosted at Camp Twin Lakes, offers a weekend retreat for service members and their immediate families who have been affected as a result of the Global War on Terror through their service between the date of 9/11/2001 through the present.

Camp Twin Lakes currently hosts 6 weekend retreats serving more than 200 campers of military personnel and their families. Individuals and families participate in recreational activities ranging from sports, aquatics, outdoor adventures, games, and arts & crafts. The programs provide physical, emotional, and social support within a therapeutic and adaptive environment in order to address the unique challenges facing military families, such as PTSD, rehabilitation, depression, and other difficult adjustments. Spouses also have the opportunity to interact with other people who understand the challenges their families undergo, and the children are able to interact with other kids whose families are dealing with the same challenges.

The happiest place in the world isn’t Disneyworld… It’s Camp – Family Warrior Weekend Child Participant

Miracle 4 Melanie, Inc. is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Veteran’s Day 2019 Camp, held November 8-10 2019 in Rutledge, Georgia.

I’ve healed more this past weekend, than I have since I’ve been out of the service. – Warrior